Saturday, August 28, 2004

It's all about the money...

Or so it appears. Google says they're going to pay me to put a search bar & some ads on my blog. Could I get rich off of this drivel?

In far more important news- a new ministry of Faith Fellowship Church is getting ready to go. And the website is up & running as of this evening. The web content is still a bit thin, & there's lots of polishing to do, but Body Builders now exists in cyberspace.

A bunch of us have been preparing for this for quite awhile. Ministry of this type has been on my heart for 12+ years, with lots of stops & starts along the way. There was a time, 9 or 10 years ago, when I wanted to got into a ministry training program in south Florida. There's not much I've ever wanted more in my life than I wanted that. And God very clearly & very definitely said, "NO."

Which really hurt. I mean, God's supposed to put His desires in my heart, to become mine, right(I'm not interested in arguing theology with anybody today, so don't waste your time)? And what could possibly be wrong with wanting to help people that are hurting?

Well, timing for one thing. Turns out God's timetable did not coincide with mine. The next several years were...interesting. And if you know me & mine, you understand. So when a good friend asked about a year ago if I would pray about being involved in this, I wasn't interested. The years between "I want this more than anything," and the present, left me with no desire to minister to anybody, no confidence that I could, and unconvinced that I had anything to offer.

Basically, I agreed to pray only out of respect for my friend. And it took some time to get to the point where I thought it was a possibility, and some more time to begin to get excited about the idea. And now, with our Sept. 21st kick-off date fast approaching, I'm feeling unprepared, & ill-equipped, but willing. And I suspect that's the important part.

Fortunately we are not going in as teachers, but simply facilitators. As Reid says- I'm just trying to tell another hungry person where to find bread.

One of the things that has really scared me, and still concerns me, is what kind and how much of a commitment I'm supposed to make to someone. Don't misunderstand- I know very well that I can't fix a person. That's God's domain, entirely. But, well, let me try to explain it this way- I once heard a person, a leader of a support ministry, say "We will walk with you through this, whatever it takes." But they didn't. They maybe went as far as they could handle, & maybe as far as God meant them to go. But in saying they would stay, whatever it takes, & then not doing so, they wounded someone, pretty significantly.

I suppose the lesson from that is to be sure I only commit to what God wants- there are times when you have to let people go- but that was a tough way to learn.

But enough for tonight. I've been in front of this keyboard for about 7 hours today, & it's past my bedtime. So goodnight one & all, & I'll let you know when, if, the google bucks start rolling in- Hmm...

(By the way- if you read this and wondered why it's all one big block- if it still is- apparently blogger is messing with my formatting again. Don't know what the deal is, I usually write in paragraphs...and the search bar appears to have magically appeared at the top of the page...where's my MONEY?)

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