Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Toben was talking about this, and his thoughts stirred mine:

It’s been on my mind lately that I need to go back to the mirror frequently, or I forget who I am.

And I’m amazed at how quickly I forget! You’d think after all this incredible outpouring of grace I’d get it- I’d be able to stand and walk and perform on my own!


I apparently have a problem with both short and long-term memory. So, I go back to the mirror again. Sometimes it’s scripture, but not always. Because my vision is sometimes distorted, what I think I see in scripture condemns me. Because I don’t always read through the lenses of grace.

So sometimes I go to a mirror put up by one of the many faithful teachers of grace that I’ve found. But I need to find something that will show me, again, the truth about Christ in me and me in Christ. And then I can rest again, and let Him work. Until the next time I forget…