Sunday, November 30, 2008


"...people initially like the idea of authenticity, honesty, openness, freedom, creativity. What they don’t see is the grueling commitment it takes to get there." The Naked Pastor interviewed on Internet Monk

Edit, 1/26/09- Wow. In less than two months I'm reminded of the truth of that statement. Grueling commitment is the truth. It's much easier to deny authenticity, honesty, and openess.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who I am-

I was recently asked to describe my true nature- this is what God gave me:

In my flesh:

"Ultimately, I am on my own- whatever life I am to have, I have to make; whatever relationships I am to enjoy, are my responsibility to cultivate and maintain. Whatever happens is ultimately my responsibility, and whatever goes wrong is, of course, my fault.

In the Spirit:

"My life is from Grace to Grace. Before the foundations of time God designed me and ordained my life. He ordered my steps and my days from before the beginning. He called me to salvation with an irresistible call, He placed His Spirit in me, and by His Grace He directs my life, now, and for the rest of my days on earth. And in the end, He will bring me, experientially, into the place where I am now- in Christ, at the right hand of the Father.

My life is encompassed and saturated by Grace, from the beginning through eternity. I am complete in Him- the righteousness of Christ is now mine, the character of Christ is now mine, the mind of Christ is now mine, even though I may not yet see the manifestation of all these in my life."