Friday, March 18, 2005

The Grace Driven Life...

is the title of my book. Or will be (and now it's the title of this blog). And no, it's not a direct response to Rick Warren. It's hopefully less of a response to anybody, other than God, and more my perspective, my attempt to put into words what I believe.

Actually I'm hoping to write a series of entries on what I believe. Because I think I need to get my thoughts in a more concrete form. Right now everything just floats around in my head, some times seriously jumbled. And I think it would be good for me to sort through them and write it all down.

So, I here by make the public proclamation that I am going to attempt to organize this mess and create some kind of semi-formal structure from it. Ben's systematic theology? That's a scary concept...

Here are some potential chapter titles-

"Free Will Versus The Kind You Have To Pay For."
"The Promise Of Eternal Security- Or Why Won't God Leave Me Alone?"
"Predestination By Election: How Many Votes Does It Take?"

I'm open to suggestions if anybody cares to contribute- as long as you keep in mind that the final result has to be what I believe, and may not necessarily be what you believe.

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